There are plenty of oils derived from plant parts which can improve physical performance. Some essential oils help you heal faster after stressing and straining your muscles, and others add a pleasant aroma to your exercise experience. The following 4 essential oils should be considered must-haves for the home gym, and if you work out in a public or private facility which doesn’t mind you using your aromatherapy diffuser, these are the oils you want to bring along.
It is hard to argue the versatility of lavender as perhaps one of the best-rounded health-promoting essential oils. If you want to calm your mind and promote feelings of well-being and happiness, lavender oil is perfect for the job. You want to have positive feelings and calm, focused thoughts whenever you exercise or workout, and lavender provides those properties.

This makes lavender essential oil especially suited to yoga, Pilates and barre exercises which benefit from calm focus. The ability of this healing oil to calm your mind and focus your attention means fewer injuries when you exercise, and when your workout partners smell your fragrant lavender oil, they are going to be happy you included it in your workout.

The essential oil taken from the lemon plant and fruit powerfully invigorates and stimulates the senses. It is difficult to give into distractions while this aromatic oil awakens your senses and contributes to focus and concentration. Lemon essential oil is also an effective stress-reliever. Stress is the last thing you need when you exercise, or injuries could be an unfortunate byproduct. When you are through working out, a topical application of lemon oil diluted with a carrier oil helps ease muscle and joint pain and tension.

Like lemon essential oil, minty peppermint oil is great when you need a mental and physical energy boost. You simply can’t be tired, fatigued and distracted with peppermint oil in the air. Breathing is so crucial to an effective workout, and peppermint oil diffused into your atmosphere opens up your sinuses and allows you to breathe effectively. Peppermint is also a safe and effective air freshener and deodorant which can keep your gym bag and home gym from smelling like a sweaty gymnasium or health club.

The oil taken from geranium plants is floral like lavender oil, but easier on the senses. Used alone or combined in a blend with the other oils on this list, geranium is a natural deodorant that can keep your workout area and you smelling good throughout your exercise routine.
Geranium also promotes a feeling that you can push through to achieve your personal bests, because it gives you a sense you can do more. This means getting the most out of your workouts.

Exercise and Gym Bag Essential Oil Summary
Any combination of the exercise-boosters on this list, when added with water, makes a natural cleaner for your gymnasium or workout room. Experiment with different combinations, because many people develop different experiences with essential oils. Every oil listed here also offers additional physical and mental health benefits.

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