Have you ever encountered an aroma like peppermint or grapefruit that seemed to wake up your senses and focus your mind? Citrus fruits often have invigorating, awakening properties that are good for using in the morning if you need to wake up, rather than reaching for a sugar-packed, cream-filled, unhealthy cup of coffee.
On the other side of the sleep equation, there are essential oils which promote healthy sleep patterns. They naturally cause a response by your brain that leads to the release of chemicals that make you fall to sleep quicker, and stay asleep during the night. Start using the following essential oils if you suffer from unhealthy sleep patterns and habits.

Cedar wood Essential Oil
You could probably buy cedarwood by the gallon rather than the traditional 10 mL container that houses many essential oils. This is because cedarwood is extremely affordable, when compared to other common and popular oils. Usually priced somewhere around 4 cents per drop, this may be the most inexpensive sleep-promoter you ever use. Cedarwood oil promotes pineal gland health, which is important for the production of melatonin, a chemical known as the sleep hormone.

Lavender Essential Oil
Lavender has been used as a perfume base for centuries. Since the beginning of ancient Indian ayurvedic and Chinese medicinal practices, lavender has proven one of the most versatile brain and body health-boosters. If you have ever walked through a field of lavender or used lavender-scented cosmetics and cleaning products, you understand the calming, soothing effect this essential oil has. It can be used in an aromatherapy application as a safe sleep-promoter for children and adults of all ages.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
The phrase ylang ylang means “flower of flowers”, and the smell of this aromatic essential oil derived from flowers may not be foreign to you. It is hard to pinpoint the origins of ylang ylang flowers in marriage ceremonies, but this is the flower that traditionally is thrown under the feet of newlywed couples. This flower yields a peace-restorative oil which balances female and male energy forces, calms the mind and is perfect for promoting sleep.

Frankincense Essential Oil
Frankincense is famously known for multiple biblical references, and has been used by ancient cultures for a number of health benefits. Sometimes stress, pent-up emotions and disruptive thoughts can interfere with your ability to go to sleep, and to stay asleep.

Frankincense essential oil effectively balances your emotions and soothes mental strife. It additionally supports your natural ability to heal, so if some disease, injury or ailment is keeping you from sleeping, frankincense is the perfect natural answer.
Roman Chamomile Essential Oil
Your grandmother and great-grandmother may have used Roman chamomile essential oil for calming excited children. This is another one of those oils that has been used for countless years as a calming agent for upset emotions, feelings of anxiety and stress, and it also makes an excellent before-bedtime essential oil.

It can be used topically or aromatically to deliver sleep-promoting properties, and it doesn’t overpower your senses with its light, simple, floral aroma. A couple of drops on your pillowcase or 5 to 10 drops in your diffuser is all you need to get to sleep and stay asleep.