Cedarwood essential oil has been used for hundreds of years because it is a wonderful diuretic. If you need to clean your system out, consuming cedarwood oil can make you “go”. This natural healer also provides sedative properties that calm emotions and soothe your mind. Cedarwood is good for boosting your metabolism and contributing to a strong and healthy digestive system.
When you look at all those impressive health benefits, you can be forgiven for thinking that cedarwood oil may not provide household cleaning advantages. However, the steam distillation process usually used to obtain cedarwood oil produces a powerful and viral liquid that is perfect for your closets, cabinets and other storage areas because of its astringent, antiseptic and antifungal properties.

Cedarwood Oil Makes the Perfect Bacteria-Fighting Closet Cleaner

Many chemical-based and less-than-safe cleaning products use cedar oil for its wonderful smell. If you have wood closets, cabinets and walls, combining cedarwood oil with a little water and some lemon oil makes a very powerful cleaner that fights bacteria which can accumulate in areas where airflow is at a minimum.

If your closets contain cedar paneling, cedarwood is the logical choice to produce both cleaning and mold-repelling properties. If you enjoy woodsy, earthy aromas, you may fall in love with the rich, sweet and mentally calming aroma of cedarwood essential oil. In wooden closets, pantries and cabinets, the natural ability of cedarwood oil to repel insects and bugs means you don’t have to worry about termite infestation and other wood-munching creepy crawlies.

This versatile oil is also a natural moth-repellent, which means your favorite clothes will not get chewed on and ruined by these flying nuisances.

With a medium aroma derived from cedar, a frequent cleaning of your closets with cedarwood oil can help calm anxiety and nervous tension, boost your concentration and lower stress levels. Clean your closets regularly with cedarwood oil and your clothes are naturally imbued with these same healing properties, as well as the hint of a fresh, woody aroma.

Cedars since ancient times have been used to represent wisdom and abundance. When you use cedarwood essential oil to clean your closets and cabinets, you enjoy the benefit of this fragrant aroma to boost mental activity and focus. There are also distraction-erasing and mind-soothing properties cedarwood oil produces, meaning that if your bedroom closets are close to your bed, you can promote positive sleep habits.

Since the cedar tree and cedarwood are known to promote abundance, they can fill your closet with a feeling of wellness and vitality. This oil simultaneously gives you the sense that you can create abundance in your life, since it is linked to so many mind-focusing and clarity-promoting benefits.
Cedarwood Oil + Cotton Balls = Year-Round Freshness And Pest Control

The simplest way to benefit from the many rewards of cedarwood essential oil is to place a few drops on a cotton ball. Depending on the size of your closet, you may need to put more than one cotton ball in your closet to ward off pests and insects, and create a wonderfully outdoorsy aroma. Place cedarwood-soaked cotton balls in all your closets and out-of-season storage spaces, and this natural air freshener will keep your clothes and possessions smelling great, even if they sit unused in your closets and other storage spaces for most of the year.