When diluted in what is termed a carrier oil, such as olive oil or coconut oil, essential oils that are good for the skin can be used for shampoo, soap, moisturizer and more. Essential oils can also enhance and deepen the effects of sensual or therapeutic massage.
Pamper the special someone in your life with a back rub, or use particular essential oils in conjunction with physiotherapy to help speed healing. Studies have shown that those with arthritis are particularly prone to depression. Several essential oils have the ability to ease aches as pains even as their scent improves mood and chases away the blues.

All of the personal care products you can create will be spa-quality if you use the right ingredients such as Dead Sea Salt and jojoba oil, but there will be no need to pay spa prices. If you want to pamper anyone on your gift list, learning how to make small, fresh batches of body wash, salt scrubs and bath bombs can leave anyone’s skin feeling and looking better than before. They can even detoxify the skin because the recipes you create will have no artificial coloring, harsh chemicals, or harmful preservatives.

In most cases, the recipes you create using essential oils are safe enough for a baby to use provided you dilute the oils correctly and never put pure oil directly on the skin. Once you create the recipes, package them as needed, in pump or squeeze bottles, sprays and roll-ons. You can make a large batch of bath salts, for instance, for pennies compared to buying commercially prepared products. Start with the basic ingredients, then add your chosen essential oils to create just the right scents and items for each person on your list.

Aromatherapy can also be used to transform the home. Many essential oils have natural deodorizing properties, while others can fill the air with mood-enhancing scents. Some people like to stick to the same scent all year round, while others like to change oils with the seasons. Rose is wonderful for spring, lemon for summer, cinnamon for fall and pine or balsam for winter. It is all a matter of taste, and who owns the home.

For example, a woman will tend to enjoy more floral essential oils like rose, jasmine and geranium, while men might lean more towards woody fragrances like pine, bay and myrrh. The citrus smells of lemon, lime and bergamot will usually appeal to both genders.
Therefore, essential oils benefit everyone from newborns to seniors and both men and women. Aromatherapy gifts using high-quality essential oils can improve surroundings and enhance well-being. They can even target particular problems and offer safe, natural solutions to many health issues, such as relaxation (lavender and vanilla are good for this) or focusing the mind (clary sage is ideal for this).

Maybe you have already discovered the wonders of aromatherapy and essential oils and wish to share with others all the health benefits you have gained. Perhaps you even got a gift yourself that was so great, it sparked your interest. Or maybe you want to learn more about the topic yourself because you have several people on your gift list who enjoy aromatherapy and you wish to give them the perfect gift. Perhaps you are both beginners who have heard about all the benefits of using aromatherapy as part of your daily routine.