Like other citrus essential oils, tangerine oil provides antiseptic and antispasmodic properties. Tangerine oil may be consumed, as it perks up bland dishes with its fresh, citrusy flavor, and this type of oil can be diffused into the air or applied directly to the skin when mixed or diluted with a carrier oil. Check out these versatile uses and benefits of tangerine oil that have been known for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
Tangerine Oil Can Soothe Negative Emotions
Tangerine oil can be applied to your skin after dilution with a carrier oil. It can alternately be placed in a diffuser and misted into your atmosphere, or consumed in a number of tasty recipes. However you interact with tangerine essential oil, it has been used for centuries to calm and soothe feelings of anxiety, stress, anger and depression.

Excellent Detoxing and Filtering Agent for Your Blood
Tangerines and mandarins are very similar, with the exception that tangerines do not contain seeds, and their peels are a deeper, darker orange than mandarins. Tangerines and mandarins yield essential oil by the same pressing expression process, and both mandarin and tangerine essential oils help purify the blood. The depurative quality of tangerine oil makes it perfect for removing toxins and unhealthy, unneeded waste material from your blood.

Tangerine Oil Improves Your Digestive System
You may have heard that many human diseases and health problems begin in the gut. The human gut is referred to as the “second brain” because it influences, monitors and regulates so many physiological processes, just like the brain in your head does.

This means overall health and well-being can be promoted by taking care of your gut and digestive system. Tangerine oil helps you reach and maintain a healthy level and balance of digestive juices, acid and bile so your digestive system works properly.

Tangerine Oil Fights Inflammation
Inflammation is often one of the first signs that there is something wrong with an external body part or an internal organ or process. When some part of your body becomes inflamed, this is often a reaction to infection or injury. Tangerine oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can benefit inflammation in your circulatory, digestive and nervous systems. You may experience inflammation due to some outside cause, such as stress or anxiety, a physical injury or an allergic reaction, and this type of inflammation responds well to tangerine oil.
Effective for Treating Spasms
It was mentioned above that tangerine oil, like many citrus essential oils, has antispasmodic properties. This means if you suffer muscle spasms or cramps, or internal spasms in your respiratory, nervous or digestive systems, tangerine oil can provide relief.

Tangerine Oil – An All-Around Health Booster
In addition to the above health rewards, tangerine oil can be used to “tune up” many important bodily functions. Your metabolism, respiratory and digestive systems, excretion and nervous system all benefit from this natural health-promoter. As with many of the citrus essential oils, tangerine oil can be combined with water and peppermint oil to make a safe household cleaner as well.