The Asteraceae family of plants includes the helichrysum, a yellow-flowered plant with long, strong, green stems. Found mostly in the Mediterranean, helichrysum plants have been used for millennia for natural medicinal purposes. In countries like Spain and Italy, Portugal and Turkey, helichrysum flowers were dried and given as an offering to Greek gods in ancient times, because their healing powers were so highly regarded that they were thought to lead to immortality.
Today you can find helichrysum essential oil still being used in a natural healing practice in the Mediterranean, and veteran aromatherapists understand the versatile healing powers of this hearty plant, of which there are more than 600 separate species. Also known as Immortelle and Everlasting, due to its many abilities to give virtual immortality and everlasting power to humans, helichrysum essential oil offers the following benefits.

A Natural Heart-Helper
Helichrysum essential oil is used in aromatherapy to boost heart health. The anti-inflammatory properties of this medicinal plant improve blood vessel health and lower high blood pressure, cardiovascular benefits backed up by a 2008 study at the School of Medical Sciences at the University of Durban, South Africa. It has been used for those very same properties for hundreds of years by naturopathic European healers.

A Versatile Skin Health Provider
A long list of skin conditions can be prevented and treated with this oil that is very costly, but has an extremely long shelf life when opposed to other essential oils. Partly due to antibiotic and antifungal abilities, helichrysum essential oil fights growth of bacteria and fungus which can lead to infections and rashes. Your skin heals quickly when treated with this oil if you receive a cut or scratch.

An encounter with poison ivy benefits from helichrysum oil, and facial redness, rashes and shaving mishaps do as well. As an antiaging property, helichrysum oil slows down the signs of skin aging and partially blocks UV rays that damage skin and lead to skin cancer.

Powerful Candida Remedy
Candida is a bacterial occurrence often referred to as yeast infection, though candida actually refers to several different bacterial and fungal infections. The terpenoids and acetophenones in helichrysum oil are the key components which fight candida growth.

Helichrysum Oil Boosts Digestive Health
This natural healer is good for soothing digestive issues. It additionally fights bad bacteria and inflammation in the gut.
Prevents and Treats Acne
Helichrysum essential oil loves your skin. Several medical studies show the antimicrobial and antibiotic characteristics of this oil make it a natural preventive and effective treatment for acne. It does this without delivering any of the unwanted and frustrating side-effects that chemical acne medications sometimes deliver.

Research has been conducted in recent years to confirm the seemingly endless health benefits the helichrysum plant offers. From promoting skin health and fighting cancer to killing candida yeast infection and anti-inflammatory properties, helichrysum is a well-rounded healer. It also works well to soothe allergies, colds and coughs, treats liver diseases and gallbladder disorders effectively, and is used as a remedy for acid reflux and indigestion.